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You'll Come
Holy Is The Lord God Almighty (The Whole Earth Is Filled With His Glory)
I'll Let My Words Be Few
How Great Is Our God


Mark B has malaria

Walking through the Book of Hebrews
Last 2 year have been turned upside down
He struggled with his faith and does so frequently
Keeps finding new facets of God as he turns the infinite diamond
Book of Hebrews has been an anchor
Show me what I need to change
6:19-20 Jesus is an anchor for the soul
Written to urban Christians living in a city
Very pluralistic society – lots of different beliefs
Pressed to answer: is there a better way to life than Jesus
If we’re honest, we face similar difficulties
If God is so comitted to our joy, then why is life so hard?
Why does God seem to be silent sometimes?
How can He be miles away in a minute?
Is there something I’m doing wrong?
The Book of Hebrews is chasing and pursuing me
As it presses against my heart, I fall more in love with it
The writer of Hebrews speaks of the importance of fixing your eyes on Jesus
Hebrews isn’t a letter, it’s a sermon
A lot of the theology is laid out like a sermon
Lots of Old Testament references
Without a proper understanding of the OT, you can’t understand Hebrews or Revelation for that matter (Revelation has over 500 references to the OT
William Lane – A Call To Commitment
Fire in Rome
Circus, Paltain hills (senators built ancient mansions)
Nero only returned when his own home was threatened
Lowered the price of grain, housed the homeless
Nero got on his private stage and sang of the ancient burning of Troy
Tactus writes that Nero fabricated scapegoats
When things of value are yanked away from us, how do we respond?
When possessions have been taken from us, where does our anchor lie?
What are you clinging to?
Writer of Hebrews takes out a scalpel and takes it apart
Hebrews 1:1-4
Jesus is a God who comes down and speaks to us and interacts with us
Why is the spoken word so important
Genesis 1:1 God says
Creates in our image
I want to interact, speak, fellowship with
He is my silent
Even in the midst of a faith crisis – we serve a God who speaks!!!
Creation was SPOKEN ini existence
That’s why the spoken word carries so much impact
When you think about it, we remember all the bad things said to us, but the good things bounce off a Teflon shield
Silent treatment from parents is SOO mature
From a friend, a spouse…it’s maddening and it hurts
We need to speak to someone
We serve a God who speaks – He wants to have a dialogue with us
Don’t let your hearts grow hard
What is God trying to direct us to do?
We want to be a people who listen, not with dull ears
We are raw, naked and revealed before Him
I don’t want my heart to get hard – grow in me Lord Jesus
We can’t afford to neglect Hebrews
Shouldn’t sacrifice possessions
Mark 8:34-38
Joyfully let your property be plundered
For you have a better possession
Jesus is our champion
Reminds readers of games
Parents are biggest supporter – given up everything for our kids
People gone before us to be a great crowd of witnesses for our race
Don’t give up running the race!
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
This sermon went to people being pressed by the Roman might
Don’t run from them – run for the champion Jesus Christ
Do not run for the approval of people
For the joy set before Him, HE WENT TO THE CROSS AND IT’S SHAME
I want you to run with endurance
Jesus Christ is worth following
Suffering and death for the right hand on God
I will pay the penalty of sin
I will spill out my perfect sacrifice before the Lord to be your High Priest
Hebrews 11 – the Hall of Faith
By faith Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, David, et al.
Rome trying to resurrect itself and it’s power
That city is passing away
You have a better city
Revelation 21:1-5
Run because it is SO worth it
Fix your eyes of Jesus and run


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