Sony Vegas Pro 8.1, Windows 7 64-bit, and Error 0x80010105 (message missing)

I was trying to figure out how best to render videos in Sony Vegas for YouTube. I used to just use DivX and hope for the best, but I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 (the only 64-bit compatible version of Vegas8) doesn’t recognize DivX. I found a partial solution referring to h.264 here: &

But when I tried to render with the project template “YouTube (HD)”, the render would fail with this error message – “An error occoured while creating the media file xxxxx.yyy. Error 0x80010105 (message missing)”. The suggestions posted here:

said to try “compatibility mode: Vista no service packs” and “Run As Administrator” which didn’t solve the problem. So I dug into the project template and lo and behold – de-selecting two-pass on the video tab allowed the render to complete perfectly. Don’t know that it’s a final solution, but I’m going with it until further notice.

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