The Rock Church Worship Service


Matt’s preaching on visions, God be our vision
Consuming Fire (Lord Have Your Way With Us/There Must Be More Than This)
Everlasting (Though I’ve Failed A Thousand Times)
Thank You


Come on up – Manoj, Alexis, Micah & Ellis Allipuria; Dore, Tiff, Faith & Jacob Reperts (sp?)
Dedicating these kids back to the Lord

People to honor: staff, board, men’s group, youth leaders, parents, the church
Proverbs 29:18 When there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but the one who keeps the law, blessed is he!
We can get so limited that we miss what God is really saying
John on Patmos has a vision leading to the book of Revelation
What does God see in my life that only I can do?
God has THIS much more for you to complete
You don’t have to sweat on some things, but there are things He wants us to do where we will be dependent on Him

Courage is operated by faith
Joshua says don’t be afraid
If we live in this reality, discouragement sets in
Luke 1:37 God wants us to live the courageous life
Where we see limits and obstacles, God sees opportunities
He and Grace didn’t know there were mountains around LA for 6 months after they moved here
Their perspective was blocked by the smog
Smog comes into our life and distracts and blur’s up our vision
Takes a good rain and windstorm – what the Holy Spirit is referred to as
Clears debris
If you want perspective, we have to let the wind/rain/Spirit into our lives
Grace and I are going to start a church in Australia
3 things that robbed me of living God’s life for me
I’ve desired to be comfortable rather than courageous
Years ago decided getting out of debt was a good idea
Paid it off but then I wasn’t comfortable
Needed 1000 in a savings account
Comfort has made me greedy and lazy
Desire for comfortability choked me
Trade pursuit of God’s life for pursuit of my own desires
Psalms 23
Requiring a new reliance on God to get to Australia
I didn’t want to be comfortable anymore
I need to put myself in an uncomfortable box
No human food for Daisy…she gets allergies
When God awakens a desire to be uncomfortable and courageous in us, you don’t have to sell all your stuff
Give generously, to a fault
2. We often compromise because of the COST
A sacrifice is required
Romans 12
Luke 9:23
In light of His sacrifice, our costs pale in comparison
Costly move to Australia
Relationally, financially
I don’t want to live here – I want to live HERE
I like to drive, not be the passenger
It’s more fun being in control
It’s not me pushing doors open or forcing conversation
It’s God controlling it
Romans 8:9
Jeremiah 29:11 -> that’s God’s promise to each of us
Seek a specific number, …
Smog comes in quick, but the Holy Spirit
Combat comfort with courage
Consider the cost that Christ paid, let it increase our sacrifice

Don’t let control distort the path you’re on

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