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The Holy One
I Surrender All To You


Exodus 33 is my favorite chapter, its where the name of this church comes from
v. 15-23

Exodus 33

The Command to Leave Sinai

1The LORD said to Moses, “Depart; go up from here, you(A) and the people whom you have brought up out of the land of Egypt, to the land of which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying, ‘To(B) your offspring I will give it.’ 2I will send an(C) angel before you,(D) and I will drive out the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. 3(E) Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey;(F) but I will not go up among you,(G) lest I consume you on the way, for you are a(H) stiff-necked people.”
4When the people heard this disastrous word, they(I) mourned, and(J) no one put on his ornaments. 5For the LORD had said to Moses, “Say to the people of Israel, ‘You are a(K) stiff-necked people; if for a single moment I should go up among you, I would(L) consume you. So now(M) take off your ornaments, that I may know what to do with you.'” 6Therefore the people of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments, from Mount Horeb onward.

The Tent of Meeting

7Now Moses used to take the tent and pitch it outside the camp, far off from the camp, and(N) he called it the tent of meeting. And everyone who(O) sought the LORD would go out to the tent of meeting, which was outside the camp. 8Whenever Moses went out to the tent, all the people would rise up, and(P) each would stand at his tent door, and watch Moses until he had gone into the tent. 9When Moses entered the tent, the(Q) pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the entrance of the tent, and the LORD[a] would speak with Moses. 10And when all the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would rise up and worship, each at his tent door. 11Thus(R) the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. When Moses turned again into the camp, his(S) assistant Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent.

Moses’ Intercession

12Moses said to the LORD, “See,(T) you say to me, ‘Bring up this people,’ but you have not let me know whom you will send with me. Yet you have said,(U) ‘I know you by name, and you have also found favor in my sight.’ 13Now therefore, if I have found favor in your sight, please(V) show me now your ways, that I may know you in order to find favor in your sight. Consider too that this nation is(W) your people.” 14And he said,(X) “My presence will go with you, and(Y) I will give you rest.” 15And he said to him,(Z) “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. 16For how shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people?(AA) Is it not in your going with us,(AB) so that we are distinct, I and your people, from every other people on the face of the earth?”
17And the LORD said to Moses, “This very thing that you have spoken I will do,(AC) for you have found favor in my sight, and I know you by name.” 18Moses said, “Please(AD) show me your glory.” 19And he said,(AE) “I will make all my goodness pass before you and will proclaim before you my name ‘The LORD.’ And(AF) I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy. 20But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for(AG) man shall not see me and live.” 21And the LORD said, “Behold, there is a place by me where you shall stand on the rock, 22and while my glory passes by I will put you in a(AH) cleft of the rock, and I will(AI) cover you with my hand until I have passed by. 23Then I will take away my hand, and you shall see my back, but my face shall(AJ) not be seen.”

A prayer for God’s glory
Then the people realized that they needed God’s glory
Chapter 32 Israel gets restless and builds a golden calf to worship
Moses begs God for help and God says I can’t deal with you, if I did I would probably kill you
Moses builds a tent of meeting outside of the camp
Moses would ask God’s advice and emerge with his face glowing from His glory
God’s giving us success without His presence
Moses says heck no
Life without God is absolutely pointless
Moses is refusing to succeed without God’s presence defining him
My concern is where is the hunger?
Has apathy and complacency set in, preventing us from hungering for Him?
When that aching void is there, you need God
God’s presence stretches out the human heart so that nothing else will satisfied
There’s gotta be more than this
What is that prayer for glory? What does it look like?
We need God’s glory
Glory = weightiness
When something’s important, we talk about it, we sing songs about it, we write about it
33 v. 6
Ornaments were equivalent to wealth and a person’s significance, their glory, power
Every one had to identify where they were stripping glory from God
We all have a drive to be significant
Tell me my sermon was bad, just don’t ignore it
We go through great measures to gain significance
Ask yourselves – where am I trying to get the glory instead of God getting the glory?
This passage doesn’t explicitly say money is an evil idol
It’s what money brings to us
Rich AND poor stripped themselves or their ornaments
Identify your golden calves
Where do I spend my money effortlessly? This is just where it needs to go
What am I giving my time, energy, money to?
What you give value to, you become a function of
We spend a lot for recognition from other people
Rockyand Adrian
I just want to go the distance to prove I’m not a bum
They strip themselves of their glory
Can’t just say – ok
You need recognition or significance
Moses wants to SEE God’s glory
We need more of His glory
Who says to God: that’s not good enough
The reason why is because they didn’t know God
The thing that heals us is to see the glory of God
If you saw my glory it would crush you
I will show you all of my goodness
Giving us His Name
Exodus 34:6
God never clears the guilty
God can’t be both this and this
All of God’s goodness
Moses had to get into the rock to see all of God’s goodness
Hebrews 1:3
Everything that is God has come down and dwelt in the presence of Jesus Christ
Can’t let anything go unpunished
Have to pour it ALL out on Jesus Christ
All sins, past, present, and future have already been dealt with
Now thy we’ve been forgiven, I can heal my heart
Challenge: ask yourselves these questions
Realize that the full glory of God…


Praying over Uganda team

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