The Rock Church Worship Service


All Creatures Of Our God And King
It's A Love Song
Your Blood Speaks A Better Word
Our God Reigns
Our God Is Higher

NBC highlight

Storing up treasures in heaven
Shigofah (sp?)
Solace For The Children
Nancy & Matt Grimes hosted her


These pictures are treasures stored in heaven
Hearts that God treasures
Father Ed Pruce – Shrine of the Little Flower
Picture of Mother Theresa
Unless life is lived for others it is not worthwhile
Are we wrestling with bible verses?
Seek first the kingdom of God
Recitation of the kingdom prayer (Lord’s prayer)
Not asking for a place – asking for Jesus to increase in us, to rule in us
Matthew 6:19-24
Clear implications of living under King Jesus
Storing up something that will last
Single eye versus evil eye
Connected with vision
Seeing refers to one’s whole outlook on life
It’s connected to the attitude that you hold in your heart towards others.
First thing was to separate light from darkness
Take the light into dark places
Salt enhances food
Whatever Christians partake in should be enhanced
Back to the Old Testament
Many different names for God
Jehovah Jireh – gen 22
God will provide
God will see what we need
Human beings have a great desire to be seen
40 years in the church, 20 years in leadership
Christians are terrified of being invisible???
The world places a lot of value on what is seen
When God sees our need He will provide
Exodus 3
God came down into the hearts of people
Single eyed people see the needs of those around then and respond to those needs
James 2:14-18
But someone will say, You have faith and I have works. Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.
Proverbs 22:9, 23:6-7, 28:22
Single eye is about being involved with those pushed out to the margins
We see the poor but don’t want to do anything about it
Above all else, God treasures the human heart
Uganda is beautiful

Mercy’s Village clip

Civil war has a fragile peace after 25 years
Time to restore hope
Got the land (phase 1)
Phase 2 is building the school


Unique opportunity to help
Gulu means heaven
What good is it to pray for dying people?
Where were you when I was sick? When I was hungry? Cast away?
Depart from me I never knew you
Hospital felt like hell
A woman in the hospital remembered Jeami & Paul and told them that she was a new believer


Buddy Baker & Gomer Pyle

Making mud hut’s

The land

Negotiations of layout

Progress from yesterday

Facility is going up, they helped clear grass with machete

Makeshift sticks holding up the walls

Pit latrine

These are treasures in heaven
Girl in the middle is Mercy

Paul entertaining folk

World Vision kids
Solomon (Eastman’s child)

This little country has been off the radar for years
What are we gonna do about it?
School needs support
Consider how you can help
Like with world vision, maybe it means switching or adding
School will be open by February
Jeami is going at the end of September to crack the whip and again in February for the grand opening
Things aren’t supposed to happen this quick – God is moving
Can’t be a slave to self


Let Your Kingdom Come

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