And Another Thing . . . by Eoin Colfer

A delightful sequel from one of my favorite authors (I have all of the Artemis Fowl books except for the newest ones and absolutely love reading them).

Started 9/1/2010
Finished 9/19/2010

Pg. 191: There is a theory … which states that the universe is built on uncertainty and that a definitive statement/action creates a momentary energy vacuum into which flows a diametrically opposing statement/action.

Pg. 225: Most [space]craft give a nod, however brief and unfriendly, toward beauty. Vogon ships did not nod toward beauty. They pulled on ski masks and mugged beauty in a dark alley. They spat in the eye of beauty and bludgeoned their way through the notions of aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Pg. 241: Thor was actually the fifth-fastest being in the Universe. Eight without Mjöllnir to steady him. Number one was Hermes, who mainly used his divine speed to pinch Ares’ nipples and then run away.

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