The Rock Church Worship Service


It's All For You (Every Chorus I Sing)
O Come All Ye Faithful

Eastman Family

Micah 5:2
Matthew 1:18-25 – The Birth Of Jesus Christ


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Inside Out (A thousand times I’ve failed)
One Heart Under Your Blood (I am a famine, my heart a drought)


Today is Stephen Keating’s birthday
I love being here and seeing your faces
Some passages of Scripture to share
Everyone is created in God’s image and that we matter
We matter to the Great Healer of this world
Be comfortable with the way God created you
Great power can come from embracing you
Deuteronomy 6:4
This is a Shamah, an important Hebrew prayer
He is One
Ephesians 1:7
God is forgiving
Need to walk through life forgiving
Acts 17:24-25
God is generous
1 John 1:5
God is light
Because He is light, there is no darkness
Truth cannot coexist in light and darkness
1 John 4:16
God is love
One, Forgiving, Generous, Light, Love
Jesus did not come to give us a new religion
He came to bring a whole new reality
When we tap into God we tap into that reality
John 14:9-10
Jesus says He’ll show you the depth of love
As we come to the table tonight we’re remembering what love is really like
Whatever you see Me doing, that’s what God is like
God moves into the hearts of people, He’s all about relationships
I’m going to bring healing wherever I go
Be in that pursuit of bring everything
He will help you find your …
John 15:23
If you have a problem forgiving people, if you refuse to forgive this’d who have wronged you
Jesus has come to forgive us
Even on the cross at the point of death
We as image bearers have to be amazing at forgiveness
If we don’t participate, we’ll be out of sync
We tend to think Jesus was inviting people to a religion
If you hate loving people you’ll be out of syncs
Have to find how to break out of that pattern
If God is the reality, the search is part of the process
If you dig harder, and you’re being skeptical, you’ll dig until your hit The Rock
“I don’t want to be a part of a community of hypocrites”
Define hypocrite
Acts one way With one group of people then a different way with another group
People shouldn’t be split or more than one
Jesus didn’t like hypocrites either
Have you been perfect?
Have you been one your whole life?
People moving through life and their split
Don’t give up???
Keep digging, keep asking questions
Christianity encourage worship
Worship is when you begin to see Him as He is
When people start searching, I get excited
Acts – as though God could get anything from us
We’re a community trying to come together
Trying to be a group of people
When we rally together, it feels right and good
When we see people sacrificing time and money, we rally together
Want things to be in sync
We want to connect with the oneness of God
I want to hurt with you
Don’t want to hide our failures
I want you to help me find why I keep doing these things
I don’t want to be split, hypocritical
Don’t want to be surprised out in the community
John 17:22
Coming together as one
Forgiving God
Business partner cheating you
Not supposed to immediately forgive
Begins to grow
Cards in our back pocket keeping track of wrongs
1 Corinthians 12:13
Throw your cards away
Take those debts and toss then
Carry them around and things begin to get really heavy
Forgiveness is NOT forgetting
I want to be an image-bearer of the person who created me
In your church growing up was there a person who always sang odd key
Have to have talent to play a tambourine
When you hold onto bitterness and don’t forgive it’s like singing out of tune
I want to show you how to live, love, forgive
I’m going to show you what the world is like
Q: what does it mean for us to be part of the church?
I want to…
Isaiah 45:5
Besides Me there is No other
Olam means forever in Hebrew
Christianity is like taking the earplugs out of your ears and seeing reality for what is really is
To participate in forgiveness
You can start singing the sing RIGHT NOW
Jesus says now I want you to take these words and put them into practice
Tonight is a great opportunity to participate in forgiveness
Body represents His sacrifice
To serve, to love, to forgive
Blood cleanses us from all impurity


One Heart Under Your Blood
There Is Room In My Heart For Thee (Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne)
Here I Am To Worship

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