The Rock Church Worship Service


Love Song
Sing Sing Sing
Our God
Let Your Kingdom Come

Shari Milewski

Women’s Retreat coming up
Small groups starting up

Jeami Duncan

War for 22 years
Gulu region in northern Uganda
Pechay (sp?) – pocket of super dangerous territory
That’s where the school is being built


Matthew 6:1-13
Challenge from Entie (sp?) Wright
No idea how to prepare this message
Q: what do you say to a God who already knows what you’re going to pray?
I have the same anxieties about prayer that you do
Is God tired of hearing me talk?
Disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray
Does the person next to me just want to listen to me talk to God?
I want to give you words, concepts, ideas to get to the heart of the Father
When we grow in maturity in Christ, we get to the bigger concepts
Going to focus tonight on “Our Father who is in Heaven, hallowed be Your name”
Holy holy holy is the lord almighty who was and is and is to come
Constant praise going on
Worship is already going on
When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we’re entering into something
I have an office in room 21
During the week this is a preschool full of kids and moms parking where they shouldn’t
Children have this deep need to be seen and recognized
“Look at me! Look at me! Look at what I can do!”
Everybody has this desire to be noticed and recognized hardwired into their DNA
What happens when praise and recognition becomes unchecked? When we grow up?
People who are full of themselves
Hard to get in a relationship with them
They’re just waiting for you to take a breath, take a bite so they can charge in
When we get recognition for accomplishments or our looks, the human heart latches onto that
Quote from famous female artist
I have an iron will…push past one spell of it…I think I’m mediocre and uninteresting…
Madonna has this incredible fear of being mediocre
Pushes and pushes herself
So many things that fight against that
So many wounds to the human heart cause us to question whether we are really valuable
Wounds to the soul – I thought I was valuable
How can I get past this feeling inside?
Get careful not to believe your own press
Back when I was an associate pastor in Sacramento
Receiving so many accolades that we want to buy into it; to let our hearts sink roots into this sandy stuff
It is so good to be recognized for the things we accomplish, but is it good to receive accolades from others?
We do that in our culture
Broadcast on TV that show how generous some people are
Awards shows are awful – you’re so great, here’s a metal object!
Praise accomplishments so often
Can we handle praise?
Need to stop making so much about ourselves and make more about our creator
Worship isn’t just the first 30 minutes or a great way to break into the message
The things we do in secret is who we really are
What you value and praise is revealed when no one else is around
John 17 – the longest recorded prayer of Jesus
Hallow literally means to holify, to make holy
Revelation 4:8
Make that a reality on earth
May your name be holy: in my life, in my marriage, in my relationships with friends and family, in my cities
Make your name great
Valued above all other values
Just as it is in Heaven
Why is the name so significant?
Reveals a person’s character and nature and personality
When revealing Himself to Moses, He says I am who I am
Yahweh sounds like breath
I am also like I will be with you
People in captivity needed to hear the He would be with them
Reveal to people that I am
I promise I will never leave you
Exodus 34:14
Not insecure jealous
He longs to be with us
Ezekiel 39:25
For My name’s sake
1 Samuel 12:22
Psalm 23:3
Psalm 31:3
Father make Your name great
I need you to be with us God
Ezekiel 36:22-23
Why does God want to make His name great on earth?
When a blue whale is beached, the massive tail that propels it is useless
He can no longer do what he was created to do
40,000 pounds that whoosh through the water
I believe that we will experience our greatest joy and desire when we do what we are created to do
I believe that the human heart was designed for bringing praise to the Father
If God is the most admirable person in the whole world, then that’s why Jesus starts there
It’s not fun to praise alone so we invite other in
We were created to praise
We won’t be happy until we give Him praise
He’s where our greatest pleasure is found
Get off the beach! You’re not designed to be there!
When that person loves you back
If you listen to Madonna’s quote, it sounds like a beached whale
Praise from other humans runs out really fast
Can’t heal the deepest part of our hearts
Keep going deeper and keep feeling irrelevant
What if admiration is the highest praise? What if God is the most admirable of all?
Our maximum joy resides in praising God
Yeshua or Joshua or Yahweh Saves or Coming To The Rescue
Everything He accomplishes can be transferred into you
When the Father looks down He sees Jesus instead of us and He takes great pleasure in what Jesus has done and God praises US
We get God’s praise and applause
Look at me look at me! Do it in secret
Hallow Your name in my life
You are my healer my God that I trust
God saves I give everything to you
In Jesus He gives us everything
When I look at you I am proud
I want you to praise me and look into my heart


Your Name

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