Easter Sunday – The Rock Church Worship Service

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Sing Sing Sing (lindy)

Adam Ebert
South Bay Agora is a group for young professionals
May 19th – dinner
We’re looking for singles and married without kids

Stephen Keating
He is risen indeed

If He did not rise, everything we do is in vain
Not To Us
Rescuer (waltz)
Jesus Paid It All

The kids of the Rock tells us about Easter

Ready for some good news tonight?
Going to walk you through some great stories tonight
Jesus Messiah is a great storyteller
If He can capture our attention with a good story, He can save us
Zach Galifianakis – It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
Jesus gives us an invitation to live for something greater than ourselves
We’ve decided here at The Rock that living in community is the best way
Do you want to enter
Luke 15 – 3 stories
From The Message
Men of doubtful reputation
People whose lives are messy
He is making God accessible to the people pushed to the margins
When you share a meal with someone – you are saying you want relationship with that person, that you want to associate yourself with that person

In the movie, this young man Craig enters himself into psychiatric ward
Meets Muqtada who is depressed
Craig says that’s not me
Has to stay for 5 days
Goes to the lunch room and sits with “the men” as Zack says
Craig tries to keep all this from his HS friends

This is what makes Christianity so difficult to so many people – we let ANYBODY in
I want to learn what it means to follow Jesus WITH YOU
Who we associate with says a lot about you
The morally upright grumble and murmur about Jesus
V. 3-24
People are nodding their heads saying, “This is a God I can follow”
Jesus knows the hearts of His audience and keeps the story going
V. 25-32
Animal to coin to human being
The story keeps getting longer
The son is basically saying, “I wish you were dead”
Any parent understands the devastation
Parents’ lives are wrapped around their kids
When are kids flip out and humiliate us in public, it’s a reflection of our parenting
It hurts to see our kids do the same hurtful things that we did at their age
The only way to understand rejected wisdom is to reject it
Son finds

When I was a boy in Royal Oak, MI (Detroit suburb), there were rules
One of them was:Don’t go on Woodward Ave with your bike, it’s a busy street
Mike Bradner is with me – got in a lot of fights because of him
Ride past the diner and there’s dad!
Long walk of shame

Teshuva – turn around
Prodigal has long walk of shame
People stare at you
Love to talk about receiving grace until we have to give it

Stories 1 & 2 are about searching,
Story 3 the father waits
Sometimes all you can do is wait
Running brought humiliation

Search, find, celebrate
Search, find, celebrate
Wait, receive, celebrate, search, find, question
Go celebrate! Dance, party, sing!
When you argue in front of the community with your father, you humiliate them
Not told what the elder brother did
Do you want to participate or hold onto this pretense that everybody else is standing in the wrong place
We’ve lost our lostness

[Video Clip]
Craig throws a pizza party for weirdo buddies
[/Video Clip]

Sometimes we just need to hear the right song
The Father is waiting to play the right song
Do you really want to participate in this life
Come to Me and you will find life
Lets extend grace and mercy to other people
Let’s behave and show everybody what God is like

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