The Rock Church Worship Service


Psalm 40
Love Song


(new graduate of seminary school)
Pentecost Sunday
Paul’s speaking tonight


Next Sunday concerts in the park start and parking issues arise
Looking for volunteers to protect our parking lots


The kids have uniforms but need underwear
Mercy’s Village can accept credit cards


Agora meeting on Thursday
Youth group going to Big Sur
Looking for youth leaders for the week


Our God


Don’t Worry (Be Happy) – Bobby McFerrin
How many people remember 1988?
The only acapella song to hit #1
Cocktail with Tom Cruise was best picture
Based on a quote from Mayor Baba who took a vow of silence
Bumper stickers all over
Big part of culture
Philippians 4:6
Going to talk about anxiety
The great Vanessa Hernandez, doctor of psychiatry I think
Parts of our body are interconnected by an elegant set of chemicals designed solely to stress response
General adaptation syndrome
1. Alarm
2. Resistance
3. Suggestion
Adrenaline heightens our senses
Cortisol creates homeostasis
Fight or flight is God created
Tensing is natural
Jesus showed signs of stress of worry
Luke tells us that Jesus had anguish in Gethsemane
Only gospel that has that analysis from Dr. Luke
My dad was a doctor, my mom a registered nurse, they always noticed those little things in my friends
Hematidrosis is a similar medical condition
This is the same Jesus who in Matthew 6 said don’t worry about tomorrow
It’s natural and He preached against it
Answer lies in the word “be”
Difference between a feeling and a sense of being
Between ???
I’m a natural worrier
I would lie awake at night worrying about social studies project
Empty trapper keeper
Stressed about girls, track
Rag in the mouth to help grinding, rolled up socks taped into my hands to help with clenched thumbs
Charles Spurgeon
Never keep a trouble half an hour in your mind, tell it to God…frost freezes a pond deeper the longer it is there
Fight, flight…???
I don’t know if they taught you this in seminary Stephen, but alliteration is the key to wisdom
My first impulse is to internalize worries
Sometimes it’s as easy as going to the throne a little quicker
Make it a habit to run to prayer
When we put too much value in working to provide for your family, it becomes an obsession

I know next month is going to be ok because…
1. I have enough money in the bank
2. It’s been promised
I used Ezekiel as a template when I was a child, asking God to give me just enough
I read it again today and realized Ezekiel barely got enough for each day – ravens in the morning and at night
If I could just get a flock of birds with a golden corral that I can always go to

Is worrying a sin?
Class consensus was yes because it means you’re not trusting God
Worry goes really great with guilt
Great cocktail for kiddies to drink up
God doesn’t give us nails to pound into ourselves, He already took that for us
Preventable worry
Procrastination will always lead you to worry
Bible says not to worry but also praises the ant for storing up food for the winter
If you don’t want to worry about money, it would be good to not waste it
Another weapon against worry – each other
We love to isolate ourselves: headphones for bike rides, self checkout, hybrid carpool lane
100 years ago if you traveled alone you’d be eaten by a bear
Solitude is a nice luxury, but a horrible lifestyle
Jesus went to the garden, in His anguish – He took His friend with Him
But His friends couldn’t fix it – they tried, but they couldn’t
It was their simple presence was what Jesus needed
My dad always told me he would help me with a couple hundred if I needed it
I never wanted to, but finally needed to and put it off and off until finally I called
We made small talk and then I brought it up
Dad said they had just received a tax return and was going to split it between me and my sister
Despite my bravado, I needed the humility
We’re meant to be in community
Called to bear one another’s burdens

There are two days that should be kept free from worry and fears. Yesterday and tomorrow. … Let us live day by day.
Just going to have this song play me out (Don’t Worry Be Happy)

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