The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul, Rob & Kara

Our God Saves
Your Love Oh Lord
All Who Are Thirsty
You Came To My Rescue


2 Kings 2:23
This was my favorite verse growing up
Next to Song of Solomon
The sensitivity to aging seems an age old issue
It’s a battle we’re always fighting
I used to try my Father’s clothes on
Put on his cowboy boots and they were hip waders
Put on shaving cream and wipe it off with a washcloth
Bad Company’s greatest hits
There’s a point where we don’t look forward to the next birthday
For me that was 19
In high school I had a gorgeous crop of hair
Between 19 & 22 I dealt with a 2nd awkward stage where I tried to hide this problem
We have trouble living with right now
It’s all we’re ever got
Psalm 118:21-24
Why is now so important?
It’s all we’ve got
We look backwards with rose colored glasses based on our present dissatisfaction
God has put a lot of time, energy and creativity into who you are right now
This is the day the Lord has made
Now is something sacred to embrace
Living in community is also important
You are where you are for a reason
You know the story of Esther
Esther 4:14
Not only was she right for her time, her time was right for her
There is a role that only you can occupy
Romans 12:2-5
The years of experience with Christ, the wisdom are important
We renew things over and over
This renewing of the mind has to happen over and over again
You can’t just get a direct transfusion of Christ
I’m a different person now then I was 15 years ago, thanks God
This body means everybody
Before the rock, Bono was my pastor
Bono says pity the nation that won’t listen to it’s boys and girls
Young kids say old is out of touch, augh my mom’s embarrassing me on Facebook
Old people say you dang kids with your rap music and your twitter
We can’t think of ourselves as lower
Collection of song lyrics about aging
The Who
Will Smith
Pat Benatar
Katy Perry
Brittany Spear
When we make snap judgements based on appearances, we are in the world
In sports and movies, Kobe’s 32 and he’s creaky and arthritic, hard for older women to find roles and they’re only 40
There’s no best if used by date on you
Some kid called me Moby the other day and I wished for two bears
Nothing wrong trying to hold of the negative signs of aging, but don’t be obsessed about it
Don’t feel like you don’t have value based on your age
Genesis 22
Acts 7
1 Timothy 4:12
1 Samuel 8
God’s view of aging only in regard to this: you’re valuable and He loves you
Saul wasn’t renewing his mind so God removed His blessing
Job 12:12
More years are a blessing
1 Corinthians 13:11
I’ve shared several epiphanies tonight
I love to play basketball
I was guarding Matt Keaver and realized I couldn’t cover him
I used to be the one everybody said they couldn’t keep up with
If I pull out my old man game I might beat him yet
Isn’t that part of what renewing your mind is all about?
Things I used to be dogmatic about aren’t as important
If we’re in community, we have responsibilities
Do your children know they are listened to?
Do your parents know you’re listening?
Back to this concept of now
If it only matters who you’re going to become, you’ll never get there
Age facts/accomplishments
Some people won’t be here next year, your kids won’t be the same age
60 seconds a minute you spend time
What is God saying to you right now?

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