The Rock Church Worship Service


Hosanna (I See The King Of Glory)
We'll See The Goodness Of
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
Thank You (I Didn't Know I Was Lost Until You Found Me)
Take Heart (There Is A Light)


Prayer for the offering
Watoto Choir is coming back, November 20th and 21st
We need host homes


Can you remember a first worst job?
Shoveling manure, shoe salesman, taco del amo
We have shared
Teaching Ryan to drive stick shift
I remember my dad teaching my sister to drice a 1987 Nova (stick shift next the the driving wheel)
She actually got out of the car and walked home
I learned in a Ford Escort
Great stories help connect us
By sharing something, we hope it will help us connect with people
Connection happens when someone throws out a “Me too”
Life Is Mostly Edges by Calvin Miller
What it feels like to be a pastor
You mean you can actually make it through being a pastor and still be sane?
Sometimes you connect to a book or a song or a movie where you feel like the creators totally get me, like they’ve been reading my mail
As I go back to Scripture, to Genesis, I see God creating order out of chaos
Rib from the Hebrew selah means side
Woman from the Hebrew meaning helpmeet
We need people to stand by our side
Had lunch with my sister
Do you have any best friends? She said no
Brother would you pray with me that God will bring friends into my life
She’s very active and out there, but she’s not going deeper with anybody
A friend is a great treasure
Poem: a friend is one to whom you may pour out all your heart
We need someone to look back at us from the other side of the table and tell us that we’re not crazy

Anna Warde

Acts 12:1-19


There are times when my prayers are so vague, were we try to soften the blow of disappointment
If we’re honest with ourselves, and say we wish the outcome had been different
Sometimes my heart is trying to …
Some friends say it’s because we don’t have enough faith
I need someone to stand alongside of me and say, let’s pray together
I want Mike Workman to share an experience

Mike Workman

Several years ago I was lied to by someone I loved very much
Buried it very deep in my heart
Fast forward several years
New to the Rock and somebody after service asked me how I was doing and I honestly responded about this low-grade anger inside of me
Suddenly I had 7 guys fasting for me and praying for me for a week
It didn’t solve everything but the anger subsided and it wouldn’t have healed as quickly without their support


You guys are amazing, so I’m gonna throw out everything I’ve prepared and go a completely different direction
Flying by the seat of my pants right now
Want to do some things a little differently
One thing in here really hits me
They gathered together and prayed
Every first Tuesday of the month we have a lunchtime prayer meeting
Not coming doesn’t make you any less of a super Christian
I was at the car dealership and was talking about food with this Morrocan man
God showed up in that moment and he started sharing very personal information with me, and all I could do was ask him if I could pray for him
The glory of God showed up at the Nissan dealership the other day, you should have been.there, it was epic!
They very specifically prayed for Peter’s release
We need to pray specifically for things


Such Love (Tell Me The Story Of)
Beautiful (I See Your Face In Every Sunrise)
Beautiful Things

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