The Rock Church Worship Service


You'll Come (I have decided, I have resolved)
The Desert Song (This is my prayer in the desert)


I’m the children’s director
Dec 18th is the Christmas Program
In January we’ll be starting a separate worship team for the kids
Just got back from Haiti and so many people have asked that I’m gonna do a review
Went with another local church for 2 weeks
Loving on the kids and just being able to play with them and supporting those who have given up their lives to help people
Going back a 2nd time the most interesting part was seeing where people I met the first time are at now
Orphanage is growing by leaps and bounds
All the kids are really special
If you’ve been to Uganda before, you might want to go back and see what’s changed since them…it can be very special


It’s really special when somebody from our church takes the things we sing about and make it real
How Great Is Our God (The splendor of the king)
The Stand (You stood before creation)

Stephen and Katie

Advent readings
Also sort of confusing
Jesus is about to be born but he was born almost 2000 years ago?
Fun time of year to read these with the mindset of this time in history when God broke into the world
Isaiah 6:35 ???
You have hidden your face from us…we are the clay you are the potter
1 Corinthians 1:3-9
God is faithful by Him you were called


And with the lighting of the first Advent candle we’re going to sing or first Christmas carol of the season
I like starting with this one because it had a sense of longing for the Messiah
O Come, O Come Emmanuel


This is Leah
We asked her to paint tonight
We are a very diverse family here: artists, geeks, musicians, athletes
New CD of music that is part of our family’s story coming soon that Paul has been working hard on
Matthew 5:3
I asked a couple of people what is meekness when you look at Jesus and I have some email responses I want to read

Email 1

Not a phlegmatic
Not indecision
Most of ask not weakness
Numbers 12:3
Moses was the meekest man on Earth at the time


Strength under control
The Hebrew scriptures are full of metaphors and images that paint pictures of God’s power
Playing a bit inside the mouth of a wild animal
Controlled strength used for the betterness of others
Tongue sweeping throughout the world, deadliest weapon (James)

Email 2

Opposite of meekness – sulking
Unduly berated
My thoughts did not spring from …
God was speaking to me this week
I want to be like you when it really costs me something
Opportunities to be like him are not sprinkled on us like fairy dust
Jesus was despised and crushed…did he sulk?
Ate with Judas and looked at Peter after the denials


Philippians 2:3-8
I knew that my thoughts did not spring forth from his loving kindness and charity

Many theologians refer to the fruits of the Spirit as the communicable attributes of God
Meekness and gentleness are things we can catch from Jesus
We get it by spending time with Christ Jesus, learning from Him, and practicing in community
It’s got to spring from something in order for it to be a gift from God
Has to spring from trust in God
When you don’t have to strive or scheme our demand because you’re drawing from a source that meets all your needs
Meekness is something that we display to others, but it draws from that source
My life is in the hands of Jesus
Suddenly people aren’t objects (chess pieces in a diabolical game if checkers) but people
I can enter into relationships differently with them
Think of Jesus riding into Jerusalem as a conquering king and he chooses a donkey
He chooses to come in peace and meekness
I’m here to break paradigms, not make you fit into mine
This is the position of humility; let me wash your feet
I don’t need you to love me, I have Him
I’m here to take the sword upon myself, not swing it
1 Peter 2:23
I’m going to leave judgment up to God
Jesus allowed Himself to die so he could align himself with the will of the Father
In Gethsemane, in his greatest hour of need, not my will but thine be done
That’s where meekness really begins: surrender
So much freedom in surrender because we know our lives are in His hands
Psalm 37
Better to leave things that we can’t control in God’s hands
Those who hope in the Lord will…
You don’t have to take every promotion
You don’t have to win every argument
How much do I really need to acquire, to buy up just because I can
Inherit simply means I can’t buy it, I can’t earn it, it has to be given

Meekness is having hand that are extended…

Christian university in Indiana (Taylor)
Samuel from Africa
President showed him all the dorms and asked which one he wanted
The one no one else wants
In all his years, the president had never heard any Christian ask for that
I draw all from Jesus
A job no one else wants, a kid no one else wants to eat with
I will make that sacrifice


Everything (I was hungry, and you fed me)

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