The Rock Church Worship Service


Our God (Eternal God unchanging)
Hosanna (Praise is rising, eyes are turning to you)

Brett & Michelle

Psalm 85 1 & 2, 35
Forgive the iniquity…
That His glory may dwell in our land…
Righteousness goes before him…
Mark 1:1-8


I have a Facebook account and I’m seeing people complaining about hearing Christmas songs
Sorry if you’re here tonight
I love singing these songs about God becoming man, rejoicing
Man spends a lot of time trying to become god
O Come, All Ye Faithful (O come let us adore him)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Let nothing you dismay)
Forever Reign (You are good, you are good)


Prayer for the Spirit of God to settle in this room

I love being at this church
Thank you for being such a blessing to me
Turn it over to Moses


Not used to these mics
We’re a church plant
Nice to get out this way
I met Jon when I was working at a mission in downtown LA
Started talking about church planting
Asked where and didn’t know for sure
Little more than a year later people are getting together
Top search terms according to Yahoo
Casey Anthony
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
King Solomon is a little depressed writing this book
But there is lots of profound wisdom in this book
I’m a musician/songwriter
I’ve got this melody and when I call a friend and get together it blossoms into something more glorious
That is help when you work together
Living alone doesn’t accomplish much
How can 1 be warm alone?
Working and living together provides warmth
It has to do with: when you life and work with someone you have someone watching your back
This highlights to me the benefits of relationships with people
It cuts short if you just consider husband/wife relationships (although lots of pastors use this at weddings)
It extends to friends

I joined the rotary club and they were like, “We haven’t had a pastor in 25 years”
I just want to connect to my community
I also got involved with the local police department
I’m now a voluntary chaplin for them

Right now Crave Life is a small community and we get together each week to pray for each other
I don’t know if it will always be like that, but it’s nice
Bring up Adrian and Evelyn tonight
A leads worship and
E is his new wife


People ask me what it’s like to be married
Parents took me to a Pentecostal church and a church in Downey and then I just hopped around other churches with friends
I feel like Guys told me, “Dude, I want you to be a leader at church”
Now that I have Evelyn with me, I have all the tools to do what He wants me to
Brenda is my sister, Moses is my brother in law


Just want to say how thankful I an to be a part of this church plant
Grew up in a Calvary Chapel church
Not a lot of interaction, which suited me since I can be shy
Wonderful to be in the presence of godly people


Brandy and Peter


Thank the Lord for having us here
I had a drinking problem and it took me to the very depths
And who knew I would be in that situation
I was in a bad situation
I’m just happy to be here in a great church that reflects what Crave life has – a real tight-knit family


Kind of nervous
We’ve both made wrong decisions in our loves but it was easier with each other side by side
We’ve tried lots of churches that were ask about the clothes you wote
My brother-in-law Jas invited us to the Splish Splash Summer Bash
I went to help my mother-in-law cook
When I met Moses, something turned on inside of me to meet a pastor who accepted me despite my failures
Crave Life had taught me to trust people that have the same passion for learning how to do life


Thank you guys and gals for sharing
We’ve been studying the Great Awakening
Lawrence Tremble poem
“One awakes and wakes his brother”
“Finally awakes all of us”
I thank you, Rock Covenant and all the partner churches


I wanted you all to get a picture of Crave Life
Amy’s here tonight
She first came to the church when we were starting out and she really grew to know the church
You’ve been accepted with all your junk
We’re just trying to do life together
I wanted us as a church to commit to praying for this church
God is already moving for this community
They already have a building and a pastor saying, “Come on in.”

This Tuesday night, 45 South Bay pastors are getting together to learn how to help out all these new churches
I’m Moses’ coach
Lots of coffee together, me telling him here’s things to avoid
I’m going to have my wife Shannon close us out in prayer



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