Beauty And The Beast 3-D – AMC 12 At Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Wow. Stunning, beautiful, extravagant…I’d need a thesaurus to better describe how incredible this film looked in 3-D. This film in particular is a great example of how beautiful 3-D can be, and it’s all thanks to a little thing Walt pioneered in 1937 called the multi-plane camera. I think Disney’s next big push should be for Snow White And The Seven Dwarves in 3-D. I would pay money to see that.

But the film was only stunning up until the last 15 minutes or so. I’ve never had problems with 3-D before (although several of my friends have mentioned not being capable of watching a film with the glasses without developing a migraine), but the last 15 minutes were ruined for me because I can’t see the gorram sailboat. And it wasn’t just me! Recent conversations have revealed the same problem with Lion King 3-D and the grass. And it was just so embittering that I was unable to enjoy the finale of this amazing film because of that little thing! And then they almost redeemed themselves with the final pullout on the final stained glass window (the opening sequence as stated before was GORGEOUS), but then they ruined the credits for me (and while I had stifled my indignant outbursts during the film, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and my wife put up with it – thank you my amazing wife!). What they did was accelerate the credit scroll speed to about one and a half times (needed to add space for the 3-D conversion production crew and I totally understand the choice they made – of course normal speed and some instrumental music would have also been nice). But that wasn’t enough…in the background they put pencil sketches that the camera slowly pushed in on…so I had fast-ish scrolling text in front of something that was really cool and interesting…which meant I was right back where I was with the rain.

But of course these complaints amount to little more than pissy fanboy stuff because the film was beautiful as was the Tangled short before the film that I hope I don’t have to either:

  • buy Tangled a second time just to get it on home media or
  • lament endlessly that it disappears into the Disney vault like the short between The Prince And The Pauper and Rescuers Down Under with Horace and Donald

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