Mirror, Mirror – AMC 12 at Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Nice cameo by Sean Bean.

Armie Hammer is a fascinating cross between Ryan Gosling and Ewan McGregor. And his wardrobe was AMAZING!!!! If I could turn off my not-medically-diagnosed-OCD I would love to wear the jacket with the long, flowing cloak.

Lily Collins was delightful and super cute. I especially liked her costume in the second half of the film (although her ball gown was nice too).

When the credits started, the musical number struck me as odd until I saw the director’s name and then I stereotypically deduced that this was the huge Bollywood ending. My bias for Bollywood not withstanding, it was a very lavish and well put together piece that made reading the credits very difficult. 😉

Alan Menken did the music?!?! Well even the Sherman brothers got to do Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 😉

Yay Nathan Lane! A very wonderful performance as always.

Do I have to talk about Julia Roberts? I mean she’s great and all. Did a fairly nice job as the villain.

All in all, a very cute, enjoyable film that wasn’t too terribly predictable.

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