Brave – AMC 12 at DownTown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous and a heck of a good time.

If your two year old can handle Finding Nemo, we think they could handle this movie.

Angus (Merida’s horse) was GORGEOUS!!!!!

I loved the story and am thrilled that a good Pixar movie can be made by more than the original founders.

Beautiful Celtic music by Patrick Doyle (Harry Potter, and etc).

Elinor’s character arc is very interesting. I find myself wondering about her backstory. When she had to marry Fergus to keep the peace between the clans

I was also amused by our second viewing which occurred after rewatching the Nanny McPhee movies (both Merida/Kelly MacDonald and Elinor/Emma Thompson are in the first one and the second one’s just as cute and lovely) and then to hear Elinor mention collywobbles cracked me up. 🙂

Fergus cracks me up (loves me some Billy Connelly – ever since Muppet Treasure Island). Favorite line to find an excuse to quote? Leave me be, woman, I look fine! 😀

La Luna (the short before the film) was also beautiful and very sweet, and cute and clever. And had gorgeous music by Giacchino.

Addendum 7/16/2012:
Here’s a deeply moving and beautiful web essay dissecting the film as not just another princess movie. I particularly liked (among other things) co-director/co-writer Brenda Chapman’s quote about making a fairy tale in the darker style of Hans Christen Anderson or the Brothers Grimm.

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