The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – AMC 12 DownTown Disney, Anaheim, CA

I like Bofur, Balin, and maybe Dwalin. Possibly Ori’s face. 😉

Love, love, LOVE the Misty Mountains! Love that its the prequel trilogy theme. Also love the restrained callbacks to the original trilogy (only when it fits PERFECTLY). Add to this the fact that the songs are coming 99% directly from the text and I’m pleased as punch (that 1% is for making the song structures more palatable to human ears *wink*). Blunt the knives also makes me grin.

Yay Lee Pace as Thranduril! Love seeing the Piemaker not interacting with stupid talking dogs.

I also love how Peter Jackson is bringing in all these disparate pieces from Tolkien’s mythology (instead of Gandalf just going away and returning with a one sentence summary of what he did). It’s like he’s trying to construct the prequel trilogy that our generation deserves!

Yay Andy Serkis as the second unit director! I mean I know he’s already turned into more than they initially hired him for (originally just the voice of Gollum/Smeagol), but it’s so nice to see him grow and stretch his artistic muscles!

Great to see so much of the original trilogy cast come back!

Yay Radagast the Brown! Sylvester McCoy is the 7th Doctor! Not that I’ve seen any of the earlier stuff yet, but yay! 🙂

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