The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

I graduated from Wheaton College gospel choir in 1998

(You won’t let go)

We need to be mindfully singing these songs, not mindlessly
That last song was written by our son Thomas

(Every praise is to our God)
(You’re all I need)

Ask my brother Jeff to give some testimony
Our testimony is for the building up of the kingdom
Didn’t know each other for 30 years
We missed all that, but we try to make the most of this relationship now that we’ve found each other

Give praise and honor to a God that never fails
About 4 years ago, I was sending music out like I normally to to our praise team
In the D.C. Area
Resident massage therapist for a local chiropractor
I wake up and who turned out the lights
I was 100% blind
Screaming like a first soprano in the basement of the house I was staying at
Somehow, divinely, I was able to find my phone and dial the last number which was one of my dear friends
They rushed over and took me to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore
Genetic disease
Blood had filled my retinas
If I couldn’t see out, they couldn’t see in to fix it
So they sent me home with a time for a major surgery to restore what was naturally left; couldn’t restore everything
Macula (the part of my eye that allows you to focus)
By faith I will be driving again

(Run to The Lord) (If things in life have you down)

I’m sure there are tons of testimonies in this room
Samantha has one, Christina has one about God healing her brain cancer
Praise The Lord he takes away our burdens

(glory, glory, hallelujah)
(I’m free, no more burdens)
(King Jesus is a listenin’ when you pray)

I’m here to introduce Vital Signs
I call it an entity / ministry
Recently birthed
Very gifted
God has brought them together under the same blood

Vital Signs
(I can see so clearly now)

Alumni medley (he’s alive / o lord we praise you / he reigns ???)
(When I think about The Lord how he saved me)

The Lord seeks those who will worship Him
I’d like call on Niles whose surprised me by being here today
The itinerary will be on our Facebook page
The students are a major part of the business side of the group

(Cast your cares on The Lord, he cares for us)

We got the chance to compete in the regionals
I teach the students not to worry about how the audience reacts, we’re just here to praise The Lord

Psalms 150 (Let everything that has breathe praise The Lord)

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