The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

The Spirit And The Bride (For all the thirsty in need of a river)
Ed. Note: The Spirit and the bride say come….interesting song for the church (the bride) to sing
Sing, Sing, Sing (We will sing, sing, sing, and make music with the heavens)
This Is Amazing Grace (This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love)
Beautiful (You're beautiful)
Oceans (You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail)
Interlude from Love Came Down (I am yours)

God likes camping (it’s in Exodus)
16th and 17th of August we’re going to do our 2nd annual VBS camp out
Wilderness park in Torrance
We need all hands on deck to pull this off
If you sign up well find a role that’s uniquely satisfied for you

Starting 22nd June were going to move the service time to 4pm
One reason we’re doing this is for the summer concert season
Another reason is we want to look at how we serve the community
Want to give us time to connect after the service
Ending after concerts in the park
Going to continue on in community series
This week, A Community On Suffering

James 1:2-12
James starts his epistle with a question about God allowing suffering
James doesn’t ask why, he starts with the what and discusses the how
There’s this myth in western religious thought that if you become a Christian you are exempt from trials and tribulations
But that doesn’t jive with the scriptures and with personal experience
God doesn’t play favorites, He includes everyone in giving
So there’s plenty to be given out, you just have to ask
One of the first things to be given in trials is perspective, the big picture
Consider it pure joy
Develops perseverance
Maturity and completion come through the trial
Growing into the person God wants us to be
Consider it <- start thinking Why is this coming? What I need is wisdom in the midst of this thing Grow in patience, develop the trust muscle (particularly trusting in God) Help us have more compassion for the people around us ... When life isn't going my way, that is a high position Years ago my dad gave me a very valuable book full of sermons from Puritan and Quaker preachers in the 1600s One of them was about 12 spiritual dangers The number one spiritual danger that can happen to the human heart is prosperity The greatest trouble is to have no trouble St. Bernard said it was a rare thing to see a rich man be humble The human heart wants to latch on to that prosperity At a subconscious level we start to say "I'm holding up my end of the deal and God is blessing me" But that illusion will fade and makes us less and less complete It's really interesting to see that social media is running rampant in our society Common value in culture today that says "what's the point of anything worthwhile if nobody's watching?" What's the goal of Instagram: post pictures and get as many likes as you can Because that's gives it worth or value Denise Walters Typical American cheerleader teenager Had the whole world ahead of her She was in between class and suddenly felt this tingling sensation in her legs and collapses She goes home sick and takes a nap She wakes up and her legs are paralyzed Two hours later her arms are paralyzed Next week she goes blind Attracted a super accelerated case of multiple sclerosis This one woman in the hospital, another patient, observed Denise Never heard Densie complain It was difficult to talk, but when she did she asked after others I don't know what God is up to, but He is She anchored her heart in reality, not illusion Ephesians 3:10 powers and principalities Hebrews 4:13 nothing is hidden All things are naked before Him to whom we must give account These eyes that are pure and beautiful watching you Denise had wisdom and anchored her heart in God's reality Instead of getting anchored in the why James said your troubles are wonderful and this is cause for joy Without trouble, we'll never see what we're anchoring our heart into The mountains are breaking down but the steadfast love of God is forever Your heart will go on His suffering led to our resurrection When those trials come, we should start thinking that this is a time for growth for maturity, so that I can receive the crown of life Going to ask Melody to come up here and read a story from "The Velveteen Rabbit" that is profound Melody The skin horse had lived longer in the nursery than any others. Jon Some questions to reflect / meditate on

What things, what truths should I consider as I move through trials?
Do I need to develop more patience? How is that going to come?
More trust?
Am I trying to control things?

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