Making Internet Memes (Series 2, Episode 1)

So, my dad is kind of super talented and his accomplishments are popping up on Facebook more and more. Today, I finally realized what needed to be added to any future accomplishments: that moment from Robin Hood (1973) where Toby Turtle’s father is participating in Prince John’s archery contest and Toby cheers his father on with an enthusiastic “Yay, Dad!”

Surprisingly, there is apparently no meme in existence for this concept (at least based on the following limited attempts at Google image searches), so I decided to create one myself!

Google Search for robin hood disney yay dad meme

Google Search for robin hood yay dad

Here’s the final product (which my dearest wife was able to complete far more competently and efficiently than I would have been able to):

If your dad does something similarly awesome, feel free to use that URL/image to praise their achievement! 😀

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