Fun facts about Jupiter

Lumosity Contextual Screenshot

Screenshot from a round of the Lumosity game Contextual.

So I was doing a daily workout for Lumosity (as one should when paying for a premium subscription) and stumbled upon some interesting facts about Jupiter. But then one sentence caught my eye – “there is a total absence of solid matter on the planet”. Why did it catch my eye? Because earlier there had been description of the liquid portion of Jupiter being an ocean. And oceans have ocean floors, right? So … what’s at the center of Jupiter? For that matter, what holds Jupiter together? And how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Jupiter Roll Pop? 

Clearly further research needed to be done on at least one of those questions, so I turned to our favorite future overlord, Google. I started with what’s at the center of Jupiter, but then transitioned to what holds jupiter together. The first result, an article from NASA, had the answer and was actually quite a fascinating read (even if it was a tad bit embarrassing for forgetting how gravity works lol).

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