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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Stephen Tonight we are bringing awareness to West Side Pregnancy Center Bredows and Milewskis have more info Interested in bonding with people over food? Dinners for 6-8 Mix names in a bowl of hats and get together Business meeting tonight after the service Child care services are available We have pictures from our involvement with the organization Solace For The Children Schmidts and the Parsons hosted kids this summer Life changing event hosting the child After church meeting for that next week Paul Jon Luke 19:1-10 Going to review the story of Zaccheus …. And how it comes to an individual Jesus not only comes to Zaccheus, but to an entire community Gives the community an opportunity to restore a person A community of grace goes even deeper little bit of background During this time in history Rome is ruling all Jericho included Under the kingdom of Rome They … Continue reading →