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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Quite an enjoyable film. I have to admit I was originally a little irked when I saw that the film highlighted fantastical elements (á la director Guillermo del Toro’s epic masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth), but Hellboy creator Mike Mingola as del Toro’s wingman, I can’t remain irked…nor can I complain about the results! Ron Perlman returns as the wise-cracking title demon, Selma Blair is firestarter Liz Sherman (Hellboy’s true love) and David Hyde Pierce gets evicted from the ADR booth as Doug Jones (the original body of Abe Sapirn) fully inhabits “Blue” (and does a wonderful job!). Agent Meyers gets traded in for an ectoplasmic, German, Stewie Griffen (Seth McFarlane put his incredibly talented voice into a suit that makes me think of “DANGER Will Robinson!”) and Jeffrey Tambor returns as Hellboy’s boss who is a very empty (and slightly gay) government suit. Toss in an exciting plot about the children … Continue reading →