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The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul 15th of December is the kids big show Christmas Eve we’re doing something a little different Doing a joint service with Peninsula Community Church (the other church I lead worship at) There will be a 5pm and a 7pm, I recommend the latter as the former is usually packed First Sunday of Advent Christmas isn’t something that sneaks up on us, we wait for it and anticipate it Chris Isaiah 2:1-5 Paul with O Come, O Come Emmanuel riff at the end Jon … Jesus entered a house. A crowd gathered again so that it was impossible for him and his followers even to eat. When his family heard what was happening, they came to take control of him. They were saying, “He’s out of his mind!” His mother and brothers arrived. They stood outside and sent word to him, calling for him. A crowd was seated around him, … Continue reading →