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Van Helsing

Stephen Sommer’s latest foray into the Universal Horror archives left a lot of people upset. Not me. The characters were fun, I loved the excessive CGI, and the music was amazing. A definite “popcorn” flick, but that’s what good adventure films do. See, people are trying to re-classify the film as horror or action and grade it on those levels just so they can criticize it. But Van Helsing is a pulse-pounding, thrill-ride of an adventure which I loved. Now to the Q&A section. Q. Why does Mr. Hyde devolve into Dr. Jekyll after breaking the rose window of Notre Dame? For that matter, why does his arm devolve when it’s separated from his body? A. With no real background information on Sommers interpretation of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, we can only speculate as to what would make him change back. My guess is that Mr. Hyde, the murderous persona, was … Continue reading →