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Making Internet Memes (Series 13, Episode 3)

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph from 2012 (IMDB) has a lot of great references in it, but one of the geekiest has got to be King Candy’s use of the Konami Cheat Code (link).  But in searching GetYarn.io, there apparently isn’t enough valid subtitle / dialogue action to get a good gif (not to mention having to click back from the nearest valid dialogue that turned up the correct section of the movie lol).          So guess it’s time for another round of “make it yourself”! 😉 Start with a little dash of Googling (Google Search | youtube to gif), throw in a pinch of “this second link looks promising” (Youtube to GIF | free YouTube to GIF Generator on Make A GIF), cook for 15 seconds, and et voilà!  Wreck-It-Ralph King Candy Konami Cheat Code on Make a GIF Of course I’m a big fan of having my … Continue reading →

Making Internet Memes (Series 7, Episode 2)

Indiana Jones Whip GIF In the process of making that GIF, I discovered ezgif.com which contains a fairly amazing suite of online tools that made the creation of that GIF (from a video clip I created locally) extremely easy. “How easy was it?” So easy that when I next encountered a quote that I couldn’t find on GetYarn.io, I decided to be ambitious and give it a go myself. Jersey Girl – That’s cute. 8 o’clock you both get a bottle.