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Grease – GoldenWest College

People I know: Whitney Ackerman (Danny Zuko), Amanda Baker (Marty), Brian Sipkovich (Kenickie), David Kinne (Sonny), Jonathan Dean (Vince Fontaine), Josh Alton (Teen Angel), Sarah Harrington (Anita), Megan Berndt (Peggy), and my amazingly talented sister Alyssa Heckman (Sherry). Aside from adding the song “Hopelessly Devoted To You” from the movie (which was a nice moment for Sandy but is then duplicitous/redundant when shortly followed by “Raining On Prom Night” – kind of like they wanted to remind us that Sandy is still depresse after intermission), the musical remains true to it’s source and is a wonderful trip to the raunchy and rebellious 50’s. Laura is not a fan of this musical because it instructs girls that the only way to get through high school is to give in to peer pressure, as Sandy does by dressing “hot” at the end of the show, and I agree with Laura…it is a … Continue reading →