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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Stephen Leah taking over flow Monday February twentieth kickoff party How to talk about sex and social media with your kids March 10 9am-3pm Offering Paul Communion during the next few songs coda Jon Uganda trip 2 weeks from June first to June fifteenth Matthew 18 So good at the dialogue of forgiveness when we’re asking for it When someone sins against you, how do you behave Everyone in this room has been sinned against, been hurt by someone else Henry Nouwen – but forgiveness changes the way we remember…the only people we can really change are ourselves Esther de Waal – needed at two levels…cannot be free The first two verses Peter asks the question about how often should we forgive … When we practice forgiveness, there is a physiological change What forgiveness is not Forgiveness is not forgetting There are things that have been done against us … Continue reading →