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Kingdom Of Heaven

This movie was incredible. I found out about it strictly as Orlando Bloom’s next project after Pirates and the more I found out about it, the more excited I got. I especially hope it gets the kind of adoration that Ridley Scott’s last epic got (Gladiator was a well loved “sword and sandal epic” that inspired many knock-offs including Troy and Alexander). What’s interesting is that 20th Century Fox played up the “directed by Ridley Scott” aspect in hopes that the Gladiator-fans would come back to theatres in great numbers. But what’s also great is that this is not just a warrior epic (can’t call it a sword and sandal epic because it’s more about knights than Romans), but a religious epic…(gee, hence the title Kingdom of Heaven). The movie details the defense of Jerusalem by Christians from Muslims. There was also a bit of a pre-release news story where … Continue reading →