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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Jon Celebrating the arrival of advent Normally we have Katie talk about children’s ministry, were going to mix it up and have the kids talk to you Allison likes ice cream, Elaynea likes watermelon, Orion, Caden likes peppermint bark, the games, We need move volunteers to share the love of God with these kids These kids are a major priority for us Feel free to ask the 5th graders about it Men’s fraternity starting up on Sat 5th Jan To be a man after God’s own heart If you want to be a part of it, talk to Mike and Cas Next week after the service, Erin is leading a caroling expedition around the neighborhood 2nd Sunday of Advent, going to have Mark read for us Mark Isaiah ??? Paul / coda Jon Philippians Next week Paul will preach and then the week after that we’ll be having our … Continue reading →