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The Dark Knight

This film is staggeringly epic in it’s darkness and execution. Heath Ledger’s performance is incredible, but not in my mind Oscar-worthy (but the Academy doesn’t listen to me so we’ll just let Marissa Tomei win again ;] ). I love that the movie opens with the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) because it maintains the new Batman mantra of not killing off your villains and letting them be little side jokes that Batman totally destroys. Joker lines I’m like a dog chasing cars…I wouldn’t know what to do if I caught one! And here we…go! Can’t rely on anyone anymore… Why so serious son? Let’s put a smile on that face….


I enjoyed this movie a lot….mostly for the twist, but I liked some of the other plot devices used. I always love stories dealing with anti-heroes and the “dark side” of heroics (lawsuits, property damage, etc) but I especially liked the plot’s take on being able to choose your own destiny….I mean we see that theme a lot (Back to the Future comes to mind), but it felt like this was a new and relevant analysis of it. Maybe it’s the super powers angle…I don’t know. Good job! *teeth baring half-grin*