The Ladykillers

Unfortunately, this movie is bombing in theatres, which is why I have put off saying anything. But it’s not like I could influence box office sales from here. In fact, I know that my input has no effect on the movies overall value. So I’ll just talk about what I liked and what I didn’t: free from care and worry. The movie was … awkwardly paced at best. The trailer seemed to run more efficiently than the movie itself. I’m not saying the trailer had the best laughs. The movie was full of situational humor that was bust a gut funny. But the moments I had seemed to enjoy in the trailer weren’t as funny in context. Tom Hanks’ character was way over the top and I don’t know if I liked that or not. A lot of the performance hinged on Irma P. Hall who was the … oh how to put this lightly … she was the other main character. You know, the old black lady. She saw through a lot of Professor Dorr’s (Tom Hanks) hi-jinks and when she finds out what they did, she wants them to give back the money. So they try to kill her. But each time one of the robbers tried to kill her, they ended up dead themselves. Or they tried to get away with the money and were murdered for betrayal. The individual deaths, for me anyways, were the funniest parts of the movies. Not that I in any way condone murder in any form, but this is entertainment and it was thoroughly entertaining. I especially loved when Lump (Ryan Hudson) tried to shoot the Professor. The Coen Brothers (at least I think so) adapted a very comical moment from the classic 1951 Looney Tunes cartoon “Rabbit Fire” (one of the three cartoons that dealt with the Duck Season-Rabbit Season gag) where Elmer believes he has no more bullets left, but when Daffy checks the gun it blows up in his face. So yes, I enjoyed the movie, but I probably would have been better off waiting for the DVD, just like I did with Intolerable Cruelty (the last Coen bomb…I mean film).

The other problem with this movie being a dud at the box office is that so far, Touchstone Pictures (Disney’s non-animated studio) has not released a single good picture this year. Did anybody get a chance to see Hidalgo? I saw the Alamo, but it’s failing at the box offices, and why? Because it doesn’t follow the stereotype and portray every one as heroes. But if you want to know more, read my review. Hopefully all of these movies will become greater hits on DVD then they were in theatres.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the incredible performance of J.K. Simmons, sometimes known as J. Jonah Jameson and sometimes known as the Yellow M&M. He brought a lot of humor to the movie, as did the General, who was never caught smoking in the house because he could hide his lit cigarette IN HIS MOUTH and then pop it back out when she turned around. Marlon Wayans (who rounded out the cast) was funny, but a bit over the top with all of his f-bombs. Not that I am not condoning cursing in any form, it just seemed overly excessive in this role.

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