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Yes, that’s right. I finally decided to put this page together. It’s just that recently, I’ve noticed that my opinion really doesn’t influence or matter. I mean, who am I put some punk kid who’s only more intelligent than the sheep around us. Well, when I put it in that light, I actually want to keep reviewing things. So here goes!

(This is the review of the West Coast tour that stopped through at OCPAC).

My memories are fairly fragmented, but I of course loved the show. What sticks out? Certain songs that I really enjoy, Officer Lockstock, Little Sally, Bobby Strong, Harry Hot Blades, and Miss Pennywise the opera singer. In that order, too.

The songs I enjoy are:

  • Privilege to Pee – “It’s no way to live, I tells ya. No way ta live!” (Old Man Strong).

  • Cop Song – “Well it’s a hard, cold tumble of a journey…” (Officer Lockstock).

  • Follow Your Heart – “I didn’t know two hearts could speak as one.” “I didn’t either!” (Bobby Strong and Hope Cladwell).

  • Look at the Sky – “There’s a heart in the sky, there just is, don’t ask why, it’s the sky!” (Bobby Strong).

  • Don’t Be the Bunny – “But Daddy, bunnies don’t drive cars!” “Don’t they?” “No, actually. I don’t think they do.” (Hope and Caldwell B. Cladwell).

  • Act One Finale – “The rest of us have been thrown into confusion because … well … because we’re all moving so damned slowly!” (Officer Lockstock).

  • What is Urinetown? – “Dance!” (Everybody).

  • Snuff that Girl – “But killing people is wrong.” “Then why does it feel … so right!” (Little Sally and Soupy Sue).

  • Run, Freedom Run – “I’m frightened.” “Oh, as well you should be. Freedom is scary. It’s a blast of cool wind that burns your face to wake you up.” “Literally?” “Yes” (Tiny Tom and Bobby Strong).

Officer Lockstock was very enthusiastic and entertaining, but his facial structure took a little getting used to. My view of his performance was biased because I read in his bio that he played Dr. Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was seeing more of that than Jeff McCarthy. Oh yeah, I had also seen the show on Broadway so I was used to the original, original cast. He was very funny though, and it only enhanced the show.

Also, his interactions with Little Sally were spot on. As was Little Sally. She looked old (maybe college) but she was short and acted young enough.

Bobby Strong’s hair was the most memorable thing. It was really long, but it was alright. He was fine otherwise.

Harry Hot Blades is the one character who really sticks into my mind, and why? Kevin Smith. His cartoon series “Clerks” occasionally featured bums who had large dark circle around their eyes and their hair spiked. This was exactly what Harry Hot Blades looked like. And he had this wonderful wide eyed stare to go along with it.

The only detrimental thing (for me), was Miss Pennywise. She was skilled in opera singing, which heavily influenced her performance. But Miss Pennywise isn’t supposed to be all operatic. Oh well. You can’t get everything you want it every performance.

So those are my memories. Do with them what you will, cause it’s too late to catch the show here in Orange County. Sorry!

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