Mr And Mrs Smith

Excellent action-comedy from Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity ruled!). What a thrilling and original concept! Or was it a kind of remake based loosely on the original Hitchcock comedy? Either way, I laughed my butt off and really enjoyed the action sequences. They made me wish for a decent video game adaptation (which of course will never happen). The music really highlighted all of the scenes and worked well with the film. The credits say that it was partially filmed in Colorado (I would guess the desert scenes), but I don’t know where else…probably some fly over shots in New York and maybe they did film in the New York suburbs. I don’t really know and I guess the DVD extras will let us know…until then we will die from curiousity…or just get over it.

Personally, I want to know structure/organization of the “agencies” portrayed in the film…I mean are we dealing with freelance assassination agencies that the U.S. farms jobs out to? I mean the people killed looked like generally evil people (by look I mean I’m not stereotyping Irishmen who hang out in bars as bad and I’m definitely not stereotyping Columbian black-marketers as bad)…but that whole issue isn’t required for an enjoyable movie.

I really liked three of the cameos: Adam Brody (I’m not an OC fan, but he’s the only good thing on that show…and I liked him in Grind), Vince Vaughn (“MOM! We are on high alert here. I almost killed you right there! “), and Kerry Washington (I knew she looked familiar, and she was Miss Dela Bee in Ray and played the role wonderfully). They did really fine jobs in there roles. Oh, wait…have to mention Keith David…cuz I loves Goliath!!! True you barely see his face…but you know it’s him. You just know.

Overall a truly enjoyable film experience…even if it ended one of the prettiest (IMO) Hollywood marriages.

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