Star Wars Saga Question

When watching the saga in order, does the movie seem more drawn out during the original trilogy when they are giving exposition on things we already have seen or understand in greater detail? Does this detract from the viewing experience?

For example the whole first one and a half part of the original trilogy tries to hide the fact that Anakin is Vader. This doesn’t translate well when watching the entire saga in order because by the time you get to the original, Anakin has been turned into Vader and it’s not a surprise to us anymore…actually a lot of the movie, where Luke is learning things we already know because of the prequels, becomes boring from our perspective…you get bored sitting there listening to Obi-Wan explain Anakin/Vader’s history to Luke because we already know all of it…I guess that was a gamble Lucas just had to make to tell the tragic arc of Anakin Skywalker…

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