Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

A sweet movie remake (I know, I know, it’s a horrible pun but I can’t help it because it really is a sweet movie) that is not your father’s chocolate shop. No Candyman here…all we get is semi-sweet and a little nutty music composed (and sung by!) Danny Elfman, Tim Burton’s male love interest…I mean most frequent collaborator…hehe…sorry…anyways…the music is obviously different, but the goal wasn’t to recreate the Gene Wilder experience…it was to recreate the magic that many people associate with Roald Dahl’s book (hence the title change…among other things). Unfortunately, that forces me to make this one of the blandest movie reviews in my history because…I’ve never read it. I know, I know, it’s a travesty…but it would be a bigger travesty to warn you away from this movie just because it doesn’t meet up to the old movie…because that was never the goal. Instead I must merely compliment Tim Burton’s incredible vision and creativity that thoroughly permeates the chocolate factory and the entire film. Johnny Depp was…well he’s a little weird*…but wouldn’t you describe a peculiar recluse of a chocolatier whom you just met a little weird also?

The kids and parents were all positively evil in their own ways…Freddie Highmore (Charlie) was incredible once again…I think he’s absolutely fantastic…as long as he finds jobs as he grows up…that’s always the danger of child actors. All in all, the movie is a fun ride and an interesting examination of traditional family values. I think everyone should see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not because they loved the original movie, but because they loved the original book…that way you can all tell me that I’m a crazy crackpot and the movie is nothing like the book in any way, shape or form. But like I said, that come’s later…

*Hmm…exploring the backstory of Willy Wonka makes him more human…doesn’t that detract from his magical essence? Or does that just tie back into what the book makes Wonka out to be? I don’t know! I need to read the book!

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