Wedding Crashers

Are all romantic comedies date movies? Or are all date movies romantic comedies?

I enjoyed this movie…and while the guy gets the girl in the end…I wouldn’t take a girl on a date to see this movie. It’s a movie for the guys to see together…or is it? I just can’t get my head around this. The morals of the movie are somewhat questionable (loose men picking up supposedly excited women?) but the finale is romantically sweet. Is that the point society has come to? Is it socially acceptable to take a girlfriend on a traditional dinner/movie date where the movie is American Pie or Wedding Crashers and despite that crassness of the film it’s acceptable because it has a happy ending? I refuse to accept that (this of course from the guy who took his ex-girlfriend to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

The movie made me laugh out loud several times. Very, very funny. Beautifully absurd, incredibly crass and crude but still romantic. I just don’t get why people can’t just enjoy Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson (ha ha ha…John Ryan…Clancy’s vote for president….ha ha ha ha ha). Vince gets so many straight lines that it’s hard not to laugh at the situations he has to deal with. Owen Wilson plays the primary romantic lead (you know, the one who finds the love of his life, loses her and his best friend and then gets them both in the end), but not only does he play that well…you also get the sense of longing he feels* as he crashes his last wedding. And let’s not forget the supporting cast. Rachel McAdams was cute, funny, a Trekkie and a die-hard lover of fun and adventure (I can’t believe it! She was Regina in Mean girls! What a change!). Isla Fisher (mostly from the trailer and the first half hour of the film) comes off as this cute kind of creepy and…well creepy, but not only did she play creepy with dedication…she kind of grows on you…infectiously funny. Christopher Walken is a good dad (which is nice to see in a politician)…his performance doesn’t really stand out, but he’s a big name. The preacher, the Jamaican man servant, the granny with no censored language, the sexually confused adolescent son, the bunghole boyfriend who everybody wants to kill…the whole gang is there and contributes to the film in their own ways. It all turns out to be a quite a bit of fun. I definitely recommend Wedding Crashers….but not for a date movie?

* My problem is watching romantic comedies without a girlfriend because it just makes me sad that I don’t get the girl…of course it’s not the end yet…

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