Note (10-30-05): You can relive the experience. I’m so happy to have finished watching the show now…it is really just as much fun as the movie. Now I need to see the movie again and see the little bits and chunks you can’t see if you don’t know the show.

It’s based on Firefly! I had no idea what it was about but I heard there was all sorts of drama about the show being canceled. I had no idea that this movie was even based on anything. All I knew was that Joss Whedon wrote and directed it, and that I loved his work on Astonishing X-Men (I never watched Buffy…then again, I never really watched anything they told me to, but that’s besides the point). So now I have to go watch the show (unfortunately it shouldn’t take that long…so sad that it didn’t make it past the first season). But besides my mad geek-ravings.

This movie was absolutely incredible. The dialogue was sharp and witty; the story was fast-paced, exciting and completely plausible; the cast was phenomenal; the music was perfectly tuned…it was all a fast and exciting space-cowboy movie that ended too soon. Not to say that I thought the movie was incomplete or anything…it’s just the the ride ended too soon. What was really exciting/interesting is how I felt for each of the characters, how they felt real and alive. And Whedon not only knows how to create indelible characters like that, he knows how to make us care about them…by the time I got to the half-way mark in the movie, I had a vested interest in the future of every character on the screen. I was rooting for them. I cared about them. It was an incredible experience that I hope I can relive in part with the television series.

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