Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

This film was fun to watch. The technology of stop-motion has really developed into a very smooth, clean art-form which lets the story shine through the characters created, rather than getting distracted by the jerkiness or incompleteness of one of the models (not that I’ve noticed that before in a Tim Burton production, I’m just illustrating what it isn’t because they’re professionals). The one caveat is that although it’s a good film…it’s not a great film…and the blame has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the story. I mean, I enjoyed it, but there were a couple of moments where I was like…wait a minute…why do that? Especially Danny Elfman’s musical/scat breakdown in the middle of the story of the corpse bride song. That just made my head spin…I couldn’t figure out why they put it in there.

I just don’t know what else to say…I’ll probably see it in theatres again just to make sure my opinion wasn’t half-baked or nothing…when I first heard about this/saw the trailer, I was really excited. So I had a good time and would definitely recommend it…just not with as much gusto as I might…something else.

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