Dead Man’s Chest

UPDATE: Apple Trailers now has the trailer available for download.

While exploring around the web, I found a teaser trailer for the sequel (due out July 9, 2006). Holy cow does it look like fun. But it also gives us some answers as to how Bootstrap Bill (Will Turner’s father) and Captain Barbossa show up again. It’s all about Davy Jones (who looks freaking awesome!) and the supernatural, so a dead guy can easily make a deal with Davey and end up on his damned crew (Barbossa). But Bootstrap Bill requires some review of what happened to him. He starts out on the Black Pearl under Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is marooned. Dead Man’s Cove is discovered and the cursed Aztec treasure is plundered. With the curse revealed and Bootstrap still feeling bad about marooning Jack, he sends off his piece of the treasure to his son (who is later orphaned on the crossing to England when the Black Pearl attacks (opening scene of the first movie)). Due to Bootstrap’s sympathy for Jack, Barbossa straps a cannon to Bootstrap’s bootstraps and sends him off…to Davey Jones maybe? Now that doesn’t kill him (the pirates walk underwater to get to the final battle scene), but it’s really difficult to find land underwater in the middle of the Atlantic. So he either made a deal with Davey Jones at that point or he had bargained with him before and when the curse was broken at the end of the first movie, Davey came to collect “his soul.” Check out the trailer, listen to Bootstrap’s line (“You won’t be able to talk your way out of this one”) and tell me what you think. And hey, I just figured out where I’ve seen Stellan Skarsgård (Bootstrap Bill) before…he was the Saxon leader in King Arthur. You know, the one who sounded like he was from this century instead of the 1200’s?

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