Walk The Line

Knowing nothing about Johnny Cash only enhanced the significance of seeing this film (unless Cash fans can tell me that the movie was completely inaccurate). Joaquin Phoenix does an incredible job as “The Man in Black”…especially during the songs. I am amazingly impressed by his and Reese Witherspoon’s vocal work in this film…a major highlight. Walking away though, the first thing I said to myself was…it’s very similar to Ray Charles’ biopic…a tragic accident in his past as a poor Southern boy overshadowing an unstable career…a drug addiction that is overcome with the help of loyal friends. Very peculiar… It was really fun to watch and learn about Johnny Cash. I was also intrigued by the view that Johnny Cash had of religion and faith. It influenced his music in a very serious way (he learned music from his mother’s hymnal), but he took traditional views and flipped them on their heads. He truly was a singer ahead of his time…he saw the glory of going to jail for your crimes…of feeling remorse and earning redemption, even as he made the tortured journey in his own life. Just an absolutely incredible film.

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