Weird News

Weird News

(11/15/05) Congress must be eliminated…not as a concept, just in it’s current state. I mean, they just came to an agreement with baseball on the punishment for those using steroids. That is not their responsibility…the government should have nothing to do how a business runs itself and the Major League Baseball is a business organization first. And the worst part is that they keep doing it…we’re not telling them to stop! We’re letting them run our life. We have a responsibility as citizens of this country to run it, not to elect someone to run it for us. That’s what’s so frustrating about last Tuesday’s special election in California. We kept the status quo. We could have changed the way this state does business and we let the public employee unions talk us out of it. Granted Schwarzenegger didn’t campaign hard enough, it’s still mostly our fault.

(11/15/05) My plan for Mexico: let’s annex it we’ve got enough of their citizens! No, my plan is much more interesting than that. Basically the C.I.A. needs to head in there and fix the government. I know, I know, “Didn’t we try that with Cuba and fail?” but if Denzel Washington can clean up the town in a matter of days, surely the C.I.A. can inspire the humongous lower class to stage a coup against the smaller upper class. Because the Mexicans flooding into America illegally are killing us. Also, in listening to KFI, you hear a lot of talk about the Other Than Mexican’s who get a court date and get flushed back into America (never appearing for their court date). What they don’t realize is that if you paid attention at all to The Terminal (Tom Hanks as an off-Russian?), that’s exactly what happens! But that’s just a slightly interesting side note.

(10/17/05) In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, Kanye West jumped onto the extreme blame Bush bandwagon which claimed that Bush blew up the levies to wipe out the poor black population of New Orleans because he was racist. I find this as especially ironic because shortly after this, Kanye’s new single shot up the charts. Why is that ironic? Because in his song “Jesus Walks”, Kanye talks about songs not selling/being popular because they’re about religion.

(10/5/05) Python numbers are on the rise in the everglades, creating a battle for top of the food chain between gators and snakes. In the Everglades, a Burmese python was discovered with a 6-foot alligator in its ruptured stomach.

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