Changing Over The Hedge

What an interesting subversive campaign I’ve discovered in the world of Over the Hedge. I don’t know the details, but for whatever reason, Sammy the Squirrel is gone forever. Why? The new movie. In the movie, Hammy the squirrel is the resident crazy. So just to keep reader confusion to the minimum (I’m guessing), the writers created a very plausible reason for Hammy the squirrel to be the crazy squirrel character. During the week of December 12-17, 2005 they switched Sammy for Hammy using mirror universes. (Scroll through strips to continue)…

The only reason I bring it up now is that this week they’re doing a series called “The World According to Hammy” and it’s fairly apparent that they have no intention of bringing Sammy back. Not that I’m upset or anything, I just think it’s very interesting to point out the way things turn out.

Another random thought (however related) is the question of integrity…couldn’t changing your property because of a movie based on your property be viewed as compromising your integrity as the creator of the property? Not that I’m accusing Michael Fry and T Lewis of losing their integrity…to do that I would have to know the details of why Sammy and Hammy switched places…the why of how the movie ended up with Hammy squirrel instead of Sammy squirrel. Since I don’t know that, we can only wonder…

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