Glory Road

Jerry Bruckheimer plans on making a movie for every college sport that ever had race problems. Next up…RUGBY! Entitled Remember the Glory, it tells the true story of a college rugby team in Australia that is the first to integrate Aboriginals. After many trials and tribulations, they win the championship against all odds.

Now all jabs aside, I really enjoyed this movie. I felt it was very powerful and wonderfully portrayed the historic first challenge to the NCAA’s white supremacy movement. Josh Lucas really delivers as girl’s basketball coach Don Haskins who moves to West Texas to coach a bottom-of-the-barrel college basketball team. Choosing to integrate the team with players that nobody wants (it’s the 60’s), he creates a power-house team based on fundamentals that comes out of nowhere to challenge “The Baron” (it looks like Jon Voight…it can’t be Jon Voight…he wouldn’t put on that much prosthesis just for this role…would he? well I guess he did) and Kentucky’s Warriors (or something…all the names run together after a while) who have held the national title for like 5 years. It was a really great movie that (I guess) follows history pretty accurately and has a nice ending for these times of despair…wait, what times of despair?

The crowning moment of the movie was the inclusion (during the credits) of interviews with the real players and the real Don Haskins. It just goes to show that college sports was a potent reflection of 60’s society. The 60’s were a volatile time for this country and movies like this help us remember this time and help us not to make the same mistakes.

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