100 Years Since THE BIG ONE, Forbidden Fruitcake and Giant Carnivores

Newsvine – Hawaii May Honor Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
Nobody knew that it wasn’t the state fish anymore…now that’s political manuvering at it’s best.

Rainbow-colored leis dot White House Easter lawn / S.F. family among gay group involved in annual egg roll
Gay families celebrating the resurrection of the man who condemns their lifestyle? Can we say irony? Oh of course, they’re doing it as a political statement. There’s something very wrong with this story and all the media coverage but I can’t put my finger on it.

Discovery Channel :: News :: Enormous Meat-Loving Dinosaur Found
Ginormous new dinosaur set to debut in Jurassic Park 4! Just kidding. But I wouldn’t be surprised…you never know what they’d throw in next. Logistically we’ve had packs of velociraptors, but this is would be on an entirely different scale…packs of T-Rex-like dinos?!?! This time, nobody gets off the island.

I’m Not Entirely Sure He Knows What That Is
It’s so weird when real life starts reflecting the lives of online bloggers like Penny Arcade. Tom Cruise wants to eat his (future) wife’s placenta, eh? Why? Something spiritual about it maybe? I have no idea.

Oil prices hit new record of $70.88
China and India are demanding it, we need it too and everybody’s scared of Iran.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Elton’s wardrobe raises $700,000
Elton John sells his clothes and raises money for AIDS. Good for him!

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Vietnam party ‘to tackle graft’
It just seems funny to hear a government say “We’re going to stop corruption”…as they accept a payment to fight corruption from the mob or someone. Doesn’t it? It doesn’t even matter which government. Maybe it’s because I’ve become cynical when it comes to elected officials…

BBC NEWS | Americas | Georgia to cut migrants’ benefits
Yes! Another salvo in the fight against illegal-immigration is fired…by Georgia of all places. They’re tired of their hospitality being abused…hooray!

BBC NEWS | Americas | San Francisco marks major quake
Hooray for survivors! Natural disastor are scary! Has there ever been an earthquake movie made blockbuster style? You’d think with a title like Tremors they’d be right on track, but that was about aliens (or something). Where’s the Twister of earthquake movies? Is it Earthquake? Guess I’ll have to watch it and find out.

The Dilbert Blog: Koran Translations
Scott Adams does something I’ve been meaning to do for the same reasons (reading the Koran to try to understand why they want to kill us) and comes to an intriguing conclusion.

4/18: Al Lutz – Failure to Launch
Over at MiceAge.com, Al Lutz returns from a whirlwind, inter-continental tour to deliver some news about what’s happening at Disneyland. I haven’t seen anybody else make the connection, so I posted on the related forum the connection between Disney’s labor problems and the current political problem with illegal immigration: Disneyland is having the same problem as business that hire illegal aliens. They’re unwilling to pay the proper wages as equivalent job positions at Starbucks and In-N-Out.

Newsvine – Restaurateur Pleads Guilty to Lewdness
Ew…gross. “Full frontal nudity? Never. What do you think Barbara?” Thank you Monty Python.

Newsvine – Man Rediscovers Gift Fruitcake From 1962
And it’s none the worse for wear!?!??!! That’s just disturbing.

Newsvine – Michigan Prisons Released 41 Felons Early
Oops! Tell that to the relatives of the 7 dead people. Too much bureaucracy and problems will happen…

Newsvine – AP: ‘No Child’ Law Raises Segregation Fear
Way to go Bush! You encouraged schools (who only care about money) to segregate to maintain their level of funding. Great job buddy!

Newsvine – Fungus Turns Contact Wearers to Glasses
I feel for every person with less than perfect vision…and quietly thank God that I got my mom’s eyes and not my dad’s.

Snarkmarket: After the Earthquake
A cool photo collection is linked from visitors to the 5:00am
commemoration. Lets see…the last time I was awake at 5am I had
either stayed up all night the last night or had gone to bed early so I
could go see The Matrix Revolutions at 6am (released at the same time

Newsvine – ‘High School Musical’ a Blockbuster
Disney got a hit without trying…and it’s being published so that your high school can perform it live!

Aaarrrr! AICN Exclusive Pirates 2 images!
These look really cool. I am really jazzed about this film and the ride layover.

Children and Cell Phones according to Disney Moms
Not that I’m going to be a parent anytime soon, but this is really good advice on how to be a good parent in our new technological society. from the Disney flavored MiceChat, the MiceAge forum (home of Al Lutz and Kevin Yee, big time Disney critical commentators).

Orangoo online spell checker – Lifehacker
Bloody fascinating, eh mate? At least I think they were thinking of the outback when they named it. Or maybe of an orangutan…cuz it sounds like an Orangutan/Kangaroo hybrid…kind of like when Chef from South Park had a pig and elephant make love…<shudders>. But enough about that.

Search the site you’re visiting with a bookmarklet – Lifehacker
Related to this Lifehack about searching offline sites, now you can do it with a simple click!

Google School: Determine a sex by name – Lifehacker
Interesting enough to question.

Run Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously – Lifehacker
Boot Camp 2.0!

Columns from PC Magazine: Apple Needs to Make OS X Open-Source
John C. Dvorak weighs in on what Apple needs to do to continue being profitiable as an OS.

Meet the Robinsons Trailer Debuts!
Moriarty at Ain’t It Cool News gives us the trailer (permalink here) and Jim Hill picks it apart…knowing full well that it’s too early to pick it apart. Aside from that it looks like fun! If you’re interested you can check out the cast-list (according to IMDB). But the best part of the trailer is that they used the Sky Captain theme song! God that music was incredibly cool.

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