History Opens Up, Hi-jacker Portrayed as Mentally Insane, Mexican Police Hunt Down Illegal Immigrants and Tom and Katie’s Alien Baby is Born!

BBC NEWS | Europe | Germany to open Holocaust archive
This is interesting. Lets have an interactive website showing the different camps over the years and who was registered where…obviously don’t include all the personal information (I don’t care if that person had lice or insurance…wait isn’t that the same thing?) but I think that would be pretty cool.
Newsvine – Presidential Pardons Since 1945
Truman pardoned a lot of people…but does he hold the national record for number of people pardoned? I guess we’ll never know…and is it a good thing that the number of pardons seems to be declining overall?
Newsvine – Discovery May Be Rare Silent Movie Footage
Wow…it’s a good thing God is storing all media that rots beyond usability in Heaven…some of this stuff would be really interesting to watch from a historical point of view.
BBC NEWS | Americas | Zacarias Moussaoui ‘mentally ill’
If you can’t control you client in court and he happens to shout out “Kill me! I dare you!”, you are obliged to try the insanity plea because you’ve got nothing better to do.
‘No Child’ Law Raises Segregation Fear
<sarcasm>Way to go Bush! Your insipid legislation forced school funding to be based on standardized testing…which means in order to keep their funding level in equilibrium, they will deny stupid kids entry based on the tried and true method of profiling! </sarcasm>
Katie & Tom have a baby! Run for your lives! – MiceChat
Did he enjoy his cold placenta sandwich? Or is he saving some for leftovers tomorrow?
Aaarrrr! AICN Exclusive Pirates 2 images!
These characters look positively frightening…perfect idea for a sequel (make the bad guys even more revolting). I can’t wait for July!
Snarkmarket: After the Earthquake
Includes a link to a photobook from the 5am commemoration. Let’s see. The last time I was awake at 5am, I had either stayed up all night, or I was waiting in line to see The Matrix Revolutions. They started the film at 6am on the West Coast and synchronized the start time all around the world which is a really cool concept. I even made it to class afterwards at 9am!
Newsvine – Mexico Harsh to Undocumented Migrants
So Mexico is kind of like a totalitarian state: they put troops on their borders (nevermind that they invade America to help drug dealers), they hunt down and deport illegal immigrants and the upper 10% rule over the poorer 90% (or what’s left of them…they’re all in California!).

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