Female Muslim Terrorists, Ads Fail To Make Technology Popular and Scientists Probe The Senses

Newsvine – Judge: Web-Surfing Worker Can’t Be Fired
This claim in and of itself is too vague. It needs to matter what the worker is surfing for. I prefer Stephan Pastis’ solution (creator of Pearls Before Swine)…strap an ink bag onto the monitor that explodes if pornographic content is accessed. Sure, every male will be blinded, but it will ostracise them as well.

Newsvine – Indonesia Claims Most Terror Captures
Do they want an award?

Newsvine – Australian Terror Suspect Stands Trial
Publishing materials on how to make bombs and poisons, eh? Not a good idea. He claims he’s innocent and I say prove it.

Newsvine – Iraqi Woman Faces Trial in Jordan Attacks
See! Muslims do respect women! At least enough to let them blow themselves up for Allah. Does that make her a lesbian? Or are we going with the latest translation that says 71 crystal clear raisins?

Newsvine – Abbas Warns Hamas He Can Remove Government
Wow. He’s really trying to make a Palestinian state work (by recognizing Israel). This guys got balls.

Jim Hill : Could “Tarzan” ‘s original screenplay provide the key to saving Disney’s still-floundering new musical?
Wow. The original screenplay is a much more provocative story and sounds absolutely incredible. I’d go see that musical in a heartbeat. But is that what Disney fans want?

Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem) – New York Times
Nice article revealing what Google is doing for China.

For MySpace, Making Friends Was Easy. Big Profit Is Tougher. – New York Times
The history of MySpace and where they’re heading…

Video Handsets Mostly Just Used as Phones – New York Times
Funny how we all see those commercials for sports or music videos on TV (Mini Shaq) but nobody actually uses that feature. Ha!

One Day Soon, Straphangers May Turn Pages With a Button – New York Times
The future is coming!

Is Disneyland Music too… Cheesy? – MiceChat
Forum wondering about the lost artistic ability of the Disney Company.

Snarkmarket: Gas, Electricity, Cable… Music
Robin loves the $5 a month for music scheme and loves DRM…why do I sense the world crumbling beneath me?

Voters Shift in New Orleans Mayoral Race
Nagin is chasing all the black people who say he’s the “Captain of the Titanic” and
Mitch Landrieu is going after the white constituency. Where is the power in New Orleans post-Katrina?

ABC News: Scientists Probe the Use of the Tongue
It’s military research! Cool. I’d love to have senses like an owl, snake or fish. And you know as soon as the military finishes with it, it goes commercial.

FOXNews.com – Cruise Baby’s Birth No. 1 Promo Tool – Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment
So publisher Jann Wenner took on Scientology and lost Tom Cruise’s publicity…talk about being fanatical about your religion 😉

>>> AsiaNews.it <<< Bin Laden’s bid to involve Hamas is search for consensus
Well at least we know he’s still alive. That’s been the big question.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Cautious optimism for new Iraqi PM
Iraq takes another step on the path to solid government

Darwin, Razed by Cyclone Tracy in 1974, Braces Again
So the advanced hurricanes caused by global warming are hitting Australia, right? Having no knowledge of meteorology, I take comfort in the fact that the Australians will get to safety.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Bin Laden call falls on deaf ears
We got’im on the run boys!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Brown plays down Code controversy
This is why I will enjoy the movie: he wasn’t setting out to create controversy, but write a damn fine novel. Almost makes me want to read it again!

BBC NEWS | Europe | Vatican ‘may relax condom rules’
So Catholicism endorses gay men with AIDS, eh? Just goes to show you what’s wrong with various religions.

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