Easter Day Slaughter, Evolutionary Hype and More Peaceable Protests Break Out…Non-Violently That Is

The Daily Telegraph | Machete mob who confront Diggers
Machete’s are cool. That’s all I have to say. You don’t see the word nearly enough in the news.

Dual monitors increase productivity – Lifehacker
Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade. I’ve got a dual output video card (granted one output is analog), but I can easily expand my screen real estate.

Newsvine – Protest at Fla. Governor’s Office in Day 2
Hooray for peaceful protesting! This is the correct way to get things done politically.

Newsvine – Indonesian Police Question Playboy Editors
Can we (that is to say they) give in to radical Islam? Although skin-zines like Playboy are pretty much against every religion out there, capitalism supports the market. So if India wants to be a truly capitalist state, they need to tough it out.

Newsvine – Donor Gives Cruise Ship to R.I. Colleges
Cool. It’s nice to see old guys donating things to the organizations that helped them on the path to success.

Newsvine – Demand Drives UPS 1Q Profit Up 11 Percent
So are DHL and USPS suffering? The increase must be due to all those incredibly awesome/boring “What can brown do for you?” commercials.

Bloggers fanning the controversy over Rumsfeld – The Boston Globe
Soldiers defend Rumsfeld as the most capable of Defense Secretaries. Hooray for the Internet! It’s the only way to circumvent the mainstream media that is constantly making a martyr our of every death in Iraq and bashing Bush with no end in sight. Now granted I bash Bush as well, but they’ve been doing it since before I woke up (not today…metaphorically speaking).

MercuryNews.com | 04/20/2006 | Apple expanding in Cupertino
Expansion is good. A nice, new, centralized campus in Cupertino to hold all the employees that are working in the labyrinth of purchased building space throughout the area.

Hips on fossil snake give clue to terrestrial evolution
How is it that now is the time of all these evolution-proving fossils? I mean, 10 years ago, you couldn’t find one if you searched a million years and all of a sudden they’re finding them faster than you can spit. “Not that you’d spit” (Kaylee, Firefly). Or could it be the news media hyping all the finds?

Sky Showbiz – What Does Suri Mean?
I already knew it meant pickpocket, but it also represents a rare breed of llama and pointy nose. Poor kid!

EuroNews : Victory for Prodi but battle not yet over
Of course the battle isn’t over yet…now the liberals…wait a minute…the liberals ousted the conservatives in this case…so now the conservatives whine. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Julia Roberts makes a modest Broadway debut | Reuters.com
At least she’s branching out and trying to enjoy herself. I mean what blockbuster movie actor goes to Broadway for money?

BBC NEWS | Americas | Castro marks Bay of Pigs victory
Never mind that the operation was undermined from the beginning, resulting in the crap that happened. The original plan would have succeeded. It’s a damn shame, because this is the only template we have for trying to incite rebellion within a sovereign state, which in my opinion is what needs to happen to Mexico. The upper 10% needs to support the lower 90% so that they can stop accepting slave wages here in the States.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Firefox sorts out security flaws
You hear more about Mozilla being proactive than you do Microsoft…guess that’s what makes a better company đŸ˜‰

BBC NEWS | Americas | Mexican priest ‘chopped up lover’
Oh my goodness! On Easter Sunday?!? And never mind the fact that she’s 20 years his junior. Ick. This situation is all icky! AND HE’S A PRIEST!!! Nothing like a holy man slaughtering his 22 year young mistress to discourage people to believe in God. And on Easter…goodness gracious this is just wrong.

New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing
Phillips developed this technology and then suggested in their patent said that “consumers be allowed to avoid the feature if they paid broadcasters a fee.” If this gets built into TVs, it’s not a problem, but if it gets built into cable boxes…the illegal TV market will explode.

Demonstrators Mass for Bush-Hu Meeting
America has a $202 billion trade deficit with China? This is why Bush needs to learn how to veto.

Al-Jaafari’s Move Could Be Breakthrough
The Iraqi government moves to become more stable by constantly cycling which religious faction is in power. Not a bad idea…don’t want CIVIL WAR to break out like in all those media reports.

The Dilbert Blog: Education and Religion
For the past couple of days, Scott Adams has been querying his audience about religion and what makes a religious person. This is absolutely fascinating.

Malfunction Videos – MiceChat
Why do people respond to posted questions with non-answers? It seems to me some kind of waste…but if it takes all of 5 seconds to just pop in and say hey for no reason the waste doesn’t really count.

If your children play VMK long enough, they are eventually going to get scammed – MiceChat
Disgruntled parent rants against scammers, which is interesting. I haven’t seen many scammers in my experience with World of Warcraft (another MMORPG), just gold-farmers. Is VMK so different from WoW? They’re both MMORPG’s…

Jim Hill : John Lasseter: “Quality is a great business plan”
Missed John’s speech from the stockholder’s meeting? Here’s the transcript. I can’t wait for the cross-culturing to finish off…Disney is entering another golden era! Yay!

Roger Colton : Ruminations: Picture the early days of Disneyland
Black and white photos are the coolest thing in the world. It’s not limited photography, it is the recreation of history. Absolutely beautiful.

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