Baltimore PD Screws Up, Disney Film Schedule Edited and Jim Hill Waxes Memory Lane

Jim Hill : Why For Returns
Another thrilling trip through the Disney Hall of “What Might Have Been”…

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian moved to December 2008 – MiceChat

Studio Ghibli charecters in the parks? – MiceChat
I love their work, but agree with a later poster that it would only work in a Japanese Pavillion at EPCOT.

Did Dumbo ears ever flap?! – MiceChat
“I guess if you can accept that a fiberglass elephant can fly, you will also accept the fact that its ears are not flapping.”

This is one crazy news story – MiceChat
“Couple arrested for asking directions”…ouch. Sounds absolutely ridiculous!

OK Guys, get ready to grab your groin…. – MiceChat
It’s Lorena Bobbit time!!!! Ouch!

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